Monday, 15 September 2014

Bipolar: How I Spent £25,000 on Sexy TV Chat?

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The story begins the day a made the first phone call to the girl on the TV sexy chat line show. Being bipolar and at that time in a manic mood which lasted around three months, I began daily phoning numerous sexy chat TV lines where you speak to the girl on TV at a considerable cost per minute. And for me, this sometimes lasted for several hours, albeit with several interruptions as they automatically cut you off after about 20 minutes. No worry, I just redialled and carried on talking usually with the same girl. 

I was addicted to say the least, and totally unaware of the amount of money I was spending. I mean, the whole episode was great, at times, because of my manic state I believed some of these girls were girlfriends and I even purchased an assortment of sexy clothing and lingerie for them without thinking about the likelihood of ever meeting them in person. Size 12, I think.
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I can remember phoning some of the sexy TV chat lines while sat on the bus or the train, it became an obsession in Biblical proportions concerning the amount of money I was spending, I believe one month I spent over £12,000 on the phone. When I eventually woke up from my manic state, I had spent over £25,000 in 3 months on sexy TV chat line conversation with girls I would never likely to meet. You could say I was addicted and you would be right.

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