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The Search for Artificial Intelligence

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What is artificial intelligence (A.I.)? Essentially, A.I. is a sophisticated mathematical algorithm that aims to mimic how the human brain works and so produce a form of simulated intelligence. And we can define intelligence as the process of thinking ahead.

The dawn of man began the day a hairy ass ape began making tools a process of thinking ahead. This ability to think ahead sets us apart from other animals. Our intelligence is based on its ability to learn and remember and to recall this information when it’s trying to solve a problem.

The human brain contains billions of neurons that are interconnected by trillions of synaptic nerve connections that form the complexity of the organism. A.I. aims to simulate the human brain by using a mathematical algorithm. There are many different ways these algorithms can be used such as: neural networks, genetic algorithms and other knowledge discovery systems or any other type of pattern recognition software.

Currently, even the most advanced neural networks only use a handful of connections compared to the billions of neuron connections in the human brain for a wide range of applications such as stock market analysis and recognising trends to cancer screening classification. So, you see the problem for A.I. is how to simulate the complexity of the human brain? 
And, it’s not about extra computer processing power like the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project where spare computer processing power cycles are combined from many thousands of computer systems from around the world to collectively number crunch and analyse segments of the night sky or indeed the need for extra memory.
The main problem is that artificial intelligence is based essentially on learning by adapting to different data sets while at the same time using classification to modify its process (a simulation of the human brain learning) to simulate how our brains' learn. But, this is the dilemma for A.I. in how we mathematically represent human learning because how can we be sure how our brains' learn? Is it a collective experience or something more that represents how our brains' work? This is the mystery of the search for A.I.

In my opinion, A.I. is not forward thinking, it doesn't need more computers processing power or memory, it lacks perception – the ability we humans call intuition. The Quest for Artificial Intelligence Click Here   

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