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The Special Event Theory ~ The Evolution of Man

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History is constantly changing…our view of the past is constantly revised as we find new discoveries that do not quite fit what we previously believed. Essentially, the Special Event Theory argues that our intelligence and language cannot be a product of evolution. They argue that, if that is the case, then why do dolphins and whales not have the same abilities as man? They say that dolphins and whales have comparatively the same size of brain for their body mass compared to man, so why have the intelligence and language abilities of dolphins and whales not evolved during the same amount of time, in evolutionary terms? That is the essence of the theory; I hope I have done it justice, because it’s a lot more complicated than how I have just explained it.

Oh, yes, I forgot the how part, which is the most revealing and somewhat unbelievable. They believe several special events must have taken place in a relatively short space of time. First: The ability to communicate. Second: The ability to think abstractly. Third: The ability to record their thoughts.

Darwin’s theory is that natural selection provides adaptation to environmental conditions that are beneficial and so over time a species evolves into a new species.

The point is time, a lot of time. Darwin’s theory suggested a long period of time, in the millions of years, and not the relatively short space of time that current archaeological discoveries suggest.

Current archaeological discoveries suggest that man started recording their thoughts on the walls of caves around 40,000 to 50,000 years ago, it also suggests man developed sophisticated tools around this time, and you could assume that language or the ability to communicate evolved also around this time. Now, you have to ask, why then? What was so special then, that all three abilities evolved at around the same time?

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You have to ask the question, was Darwin right? Now, we are all taught at school Darwin’s theory of evolution, but several things just do not add up. The Special Event Theory is plausible just as Darwin’s theory has been the accepted theory for the past one hundred years or so. It’s like the theory of physics you need another theory to explain the behaviour of particles of atoms’ because the two do not match.

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