Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Most Important Number In Our Universe

Just think about it for a few seconds, minutes, weeks, months or more if you like. What number comes to your mind? Now, to define the parameters think whole numbers not a fraction or a negative number. It’s your choice, but, I’m trying to think ‘outside the box’ as they say. I wonder, if you have come to the same conclusion as I do? Have you heard about the singularity? Well, there are several singularities, but the one I am referring to: Is the ‘technological singularity’, which was coined by Vernor Vinge (sci-fi author and scientist), which describes the point in time when superhuman artificially intelligent computers can continually make iterations of recursive self-improvement, thereby, he predicts the “ human era will end.”

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Don’t get alarmed, even though that singularity is fast approaching. Vinge’s argument is sound, but I think, the human mind has the ability of perception what we humans call intuition, which currently sets us apart from computers. There could come a time when superhuman artificially intelligent computers have developed the added ability of intuition and when this happens you have a singularity or an event horizon where you can’t predict reality through any means what will happen next. Thinking ‘outside the box’ again the most important number in the universe is 'one' because zero doesn’t exist. You see, zero was invented by many early civilisations as a means to record and count numbers. Nothing is a figment of man’s imagination there is no such thing, so, one is another singularity. God said, "I am the one."

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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