Friday, 27 November 2015

The Enigma of the Cambrian Explosion

Have you heard about the evolutionary explosion that science cannot explain? Well, it happened around 540 million years ago and it’s called the Cambrian explosion. Why is it important, well, considering that Charles Darwin could not explain the reasons why and delayed the publication of his book the ‘Origin of Species?’ several times, while, he tried to explain through his theory of ‘natural selection’ the reasons why, but he couldn’t?

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Today, the scientific community is still baffled why the Cambrian explosion took place. Many scientists have strived to answer this question by explaining that every so often evolution will speed up from its usual progression and move forward in evolutionary terms by many factors without any obvious influences. This is can be viewed as rapid polymorphism in evolutionary time. But, those scientists that postulate this reason are forgetting one of the rules of science in cause and effect. In my view, we need to look deeper into the reasons why the Cambrian explosion took place so we can better understand the evolution of man. We know more about the history of the moon than the evolutionary history of mankind.

Before the Cambrian explosion most living organisms were essentially single cell organisms according to the fossil record, but, all of a sudden you had thousands of multicellular organisms (essentially classed as animals) such as Trilobites appearing in the early Cambrian fossil record. As most scientists have discounted environmental and climatic changes you have to ask the question: What caused the Cambrian explosion? As Darwin could not explain through his theory of ‘natural selection’ how the Cambrian explosion could have taken place; then, you have to say it’s a fairly big ‘missing link’ and one which the DNA of mankind and its ancestors had perhaps an alien starting point. What I mean is an asteroid delivering the genesis for multicellular organisms. Whatever happened to cause the Cambrian explosion; it wasn’t natural selection? 

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