Monday, 9 November 2015

Short Story ~ 'The Zombie Has Cometh'

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Turn off the light and take a deep breath, it took thousands of years before humanity would know the secret that had been hidden for so long, but the time had come for the world to know. The word ‘Zombie’ was not just a fictional characterisation in a Hollywood film or book, but a reality only ‘Iron Smart’ knew, an artificially intelligent robot sent to earth on a final mission.

“We are entering the planet’s gravity wave”

As the alien craft slowed and entered the earth’s upper atmosphere, the craft immediately began searching the terrain for a suitable landing.  The craft’s internal computer system had selected a remote part of the ‘Gobi’ desert.

“Commander, we have safely landed and deployed the shield.”


Meanwhile, Aaron was just waking up from a bad dream as the sun began to rise. It was something his friend Jim had said to him the night before at the observatory, just think he said, “If alien craft get to us before we get to them their technology would be ‘worlds apart’ and could be deadly.”

Later that morning, Professor Aaron Mikovitz and  Jim were busy checking the overnight email alerts sent by various observatories from around the world that were busy watching the night sky for near earth objects as part of the Global Eyes project set up by various governments, to provide an early warning system from asteroids and comets colliding with Earth.

“Take a look at this, Aaron.”
As Aaron read the message, he remembered his dream again.

“This shows it came down in the ‘Gobi’ desert, approximately 3.30 am local time. We have not had any damage or casualty reports from this area; so, it’s more than likely another one of those upper atmospheric air explosions.”

“Don’t be quick to jump to assumptions, Jim. Remember, we are scientists that follow the evidence that leads us to the truth. Whatever that may be?”

“That’s strange….”

“What’s strange? Don’t keep it to yourself, Aaron.”

As Aaron pulled up a series of reports from the computer screen; it made no sense to him or Jim. They were both puzzled at what they saw on their computer screens. 

“It entered our atmosphere, but left no chemical trace, it must be a malfunction of the data recovery systems,” Jim said as he tried to check other computer data systems on his computer terminal to verify the information.

“If that asteroid disintegrated in the Gobi, it must be there.” Aaron said, as he checked and rechecked the data. “Asteroids don’t do that!”

Jim asked, perplexed at Aaron’s statement, “What don’t they do?”

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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