Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Million Dollar Question ( NFL Sunday Football Comic Diary) Week 8

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The Carolina Panthers face the Indianapolis Colts  in Sunday’s live game. I fancy the Panthers to win the game. The consensus is around 53% in favour with the Panthers (-5.5), and the bookies make the Panthers the favourite in this matchup. For me it’s all about the quarterbacks, Newton vs Luck   and I prefer Newton. As they say, go with the inform team and that is the Panthers (6-0) with the best defence and defence wins games. Who invented the spread, the bookies, and the way they see it, as a + or – 5.5 point game?  So, that probably means the Panthers to win the game, and to cover the (- 5.5) point spread. Whatever happens, I will enjoy the game!

Insider Trading = Shit Team © Anthony Fox 
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P.S. Sponsored by Madbrokes a comedian on antidepressants.

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