Monday, 26 October 2015

Personal Identity Authentication: The Next Step in a Deck of Cards against the Terrorist Threat

Recent events such as the refugee crisis across the European Union should have promoted the debate on the need to introduce national identity cards (NID) in the UK. We can see the benefits of introducing NID’s as a means to protect resources such as National Health Service benefits against so called holiday day health cheats. Illegal immigration overnight would at last be a statistic you could trust. Would it stop terrorism, well, that’s debatable, but that’s not the reason why NID cards should be introduced the real reason is so obvious it's staring you in the face. That’s right Syd, it’s so simple. Think about it and read on and I will tell you.

Terrorism can implode numerous economic dimensions as it attempts to target its message, while world communities debate the effects of introducing identity cards (ID) cards as a measure for improving the security of states and their citizens. Liberal rights’ groups dispute the idea of national identity cards (NID) as diminishing the rights of privacy of the individual, while not safeguarding individuality against totalitarianism. Governments assert that the individual’s privacy will be protected by relevant data protection legislation specific to member states, although cross border data transfer remains an issue why most opponents of NID schemes regard this process as potentially affecting human rights. I disagree with this libertarian view based on the science of economics. To manage a complex organisation you need sophisticated systems to manage and plan ahead, otherwise, we would not need calendars.

The 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center has created a heightened sense of urgency in many governments while they attempt to answer the threat of terrorism. Some form of NID system is proposed as one measure in securing the internal security of many countries and the UK. The technology to administer these large ID authentication systems are proven, tested, and secure enough to process millions of authorisations. Effective counter measures are essential against terrorism, but the ethical use of information technology and the laws that protect against misuse are principles by which opponents argue ID cards are an ineffective measure when inappropriately insecure as recent cases show, but, that is not a reason not to have NID cards that's just poor management.

Recent events like the TalkTalk saga show how the protection of databases is essential and they should always be encrypted regardless of what interface it's interacting with. As Sun Tzu said, “Don’t court your own disaster.”

Moving on, running safe systems is not rocket science, it just takes common sense and always keeping in mind what will happen often does. The efficacy of NID cards is essential for the protection against fraud of state benefits it’s as simple as that.

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