Monday, 1 June 2015

The UK Election was a Farce: Don't Let it Drag You Down.. .Now!

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The recent UK General Election was a total disappointment to millions of voters and I believe the facts will prove my point.  First, I have to say the way the election is conducted only suits the boys in blue (bum bandits) Tories since the way the Tories changed the constituency boundaries some years ago. Millions of votes were cast for UKIP and the Green Party equalling one Member of Parliament (MP) for each party. Yet, with a similar number of votes cast in Scotland for the Scottish Nationalists Party (SNP) they gain 56 seats in the new UK Parliament. The outcome of this is, we have what I call ‘fugazi’ politics with the Labour Party well and truly ‘phucked’ up the proverbial.

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Click Below and Listen

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