Monday, 1 June 2015

Do You Believe in Angels? The Revelation

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An angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision,” by St Thomas Aquinas.

‘I don’t know if I believe in Heaven, but I do believe in angles,’ these words I have said to others many times. Do you believe in angels? I guess you’re thinking, what is this guy on about, is he completely mad, has he lost the plot, well, no, let me explain?

Apparently, around sixty percent of the American population believe so. That is quite an amazing fact. Now, if you are a non believer then perhaps you are psychic and know the truth? We should always remember that the truth never lies only people do. 

Are there angels, and do they enter our lives when we don’t realise it? I have often felt this is so, because there have been many occasions when looking back at events that leads me to this view. I don't believe in the classical view that they appear always with wings as portrayed in renaissance art. Our image of angels is very much misaligned due to the way art and artists have fashioned and idolised them over the centuries.
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Many of us at some time in our lives experience things that often lead us to believe that perhaps an angel is looking after us. Our guarding angel is there somewhere or at least some of us believe so.

There are those that say, 'to see is to believe.' I believe we don’t see everything for what it is sometimes. Whether you believe in angels or not, there are many experiences we can have where belief is more important than seeing. I believe there have been many occasions where angels have entered my life when we ask the questions true to our heart, inasmuch, as messengers to guide a path, but it’s still up to us how we make our destiny.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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