Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Worldwide Conspiracy of Silence: Isn't Ironic Don't You Think?

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Did you know that farm animals such as cows are being found worldwide with horrific mutilations, seemingly, performed with extraordinary surgical precision without leaving any trace of blood?  And there is a conspiracy because it would take more than one sick individual to conceive and conduct a worldwide experiment of animal cruelty.

Now, you have to ask the question: why is this happening? From the worldwide evidence it is obvious that a monumental experiment is taking place, but the logic of why these cow mutilations are taking place baffles me. Why would you select cows (across many of the breeds (around 800)) from different parts of the world, unless you were looking for something like pathogens and antigens, because all cow breeds stem from one species (Bos taurus)? Je sais pas, but it's plausible.
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Now, the second question to ask is: who is responsible? You, perhaps, may assume that our governments were the culprits, but I don’t agree with that assumption. You see if our governments wanted to conduct experiments on animals in this way they would conduct their experiments in secret not in public. The evidence suggests an alien presence, because of the worldwide phenomena and the level of sophistication used to perform these mutilations without leaving any trace of blood, seemingly alien to known technology. The non-believers to this premise should look at the evidence and the logic, because unless you are psychic that is the only way you will know the truth. And we should remember that the truth never lies only people do.

The next question to ask is: why are our governments silent on this phenomena? Je sais pas.
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