Friday, 18 December 2015

How Robotic Are You?

Do you change your habits? What I mean is take the following scenario: Do you always do your food shopping on the same day (say a Friday evening after work) of the week? These patterns of behaviour almost become robotic and predictable and after a while determine your whole life to some extent. Inasmuch as your creative side of life is being pigeon holed and held back because you have allowed yourself to become robotic and zombie like.
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Why is this important, well, consider this: If you follow the same steps everyday then you are no more than a biological zombie and you are more than likely receptive to whatever propaganda or sublimely message that is being broadcast through the ‘gogglebox’ that you are watching (from the same seat in your home, I imagine). You are not only just another couch potato that is being turned into mash, but you are also a predictable vegetable.

I would also guess that you dream about the ‘American dream’ or would like to, so you probably do the lottery every week in the vain hope that lady luck will strike and not realising that the government sponsor these lotteries as opium for ‘the hoi polloi’ as a means of keeping people in hope.

The more predictable you become the more robotic you become and less likely to ever question what is really happening in the world around you and so be able to form a new understanding based on facts and evidence. It is then that the ‘status quo’ is revealed to be challenged and not spoon feed for you to consume. My grandfather would always say, “Don’t believe everything you read in newspapers, you have to read between the lines.” What my grandfather meant was seek out the truth don’t rely on other people’s assumptions because invariable they are wrong. And always question the propaganda that your government is selling. 

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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