Friday, 8 January 2016

What are the Tipping Points? The Coming Environmental Apocalypse

The short answer is: We don’t know. The environmental changes and the rise of more intense weather events are now more apparent to everyone on this planet, it’s only a few vested interests which denies the problem. 

If people think the recent agreement at the COP2015 Climate Change sparks a feeling of ‘everything will be alright’ are living on a different planet. We don’t have to the middle of this century to limit a 2 degree increase in global average temperatures. Look around the world, the tipping points have probably already happened. The chain reaction of events as the temperature increases in different parts of the world has unknown consequences that are too unpredictable to be modelled to any degree of certainty. People need to get round to thinking completely differently, otherwise, we may have fewer years than you think to stabilise the planet. 
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When people have to walk around Beijing (Capital of China) with face masks everyday just so they can breathe tells the stark reality of ignoring climate change and just as important the pollution which has a direct effect on everyone. If you want to burn coal (we should use the resource because it’s no good underground) then, why not, as long as, you fit chimney scrubber technology (This takes out the harmful particles and absorbs the CO2 emissions from the power stations) then, this waste can be recycled and the people can then breathe again without the need for face masks. 

Just think the future is; electric vehicles (no waste technology (NWT)) and your problems are solved more or less overnight. Why do you think Volkswagen had a problem with its cars? We can’t continue to pollute the atmosphere and if you can’t breathe, then, what is the point of driving a petrol or diesel car when the future is now and that’s electric cars. Just think; if the invention of the combustion engine had never happened, perhaps, we would have had a cleaner environment and oil would have been a lightly used product to grease the blades of a turbine?

One example of ignoring climate change is the following: The floods that we were told were once in a hundred year events are now more like every other year and happening all over the world.

The choice is: We need to move to non-waste thinking; electric cars, solar power stations, solar technology, wind and wave power, and more innovation. Now, do you get the picture ~ the future is now; we can’t wait until they’ve sold every last barrel of oil, otherwise, your children are going to inherit a toilet. Just remember, if you don’t think you’re breathing in pollution, then, try not picking your nose at night! The long term effects of breathing in all this pollution is anyone’s guess.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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