Thursday, 14 January 2016

Sell on Red Buy on Blue ~ Why the Oil Companies Have to Wake Up?

The recent global sell off in the oil price is actually a good thing for the environment (less cost effective oil projects don't get the go ahead) and the obvious costs benefits to the consumer are numerous in cheaper gas and fuel.

But, I think the oil companies need a seismic shift in their thinking as does the general public. It’s about time, everyone woke up and realised the age of the combustion engine is over; the new age is electric vehicles and if you don’t want your children to inherit an Earth that is fast approaching a toilet, then, you need to wise up.
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The pollution of our upper atmosphere is a major problem affecting our weather systems (weird and more intense storms) for everyone on this planet whether you live in Timbuktu or downtown Los Angles, but, most people have chosen to ignore what we are breathing in; have you tried not picking your nose at night? The long term consequences of all this pollution (we are breathing in a considerable amount) is unknown, other than you need to be thinking electric, so that we can start to breath pure air again. 

We have a big chance to change to no waste technology (NWT) and we (governments and NGO’s) should be grasping the moment with both hands, because, now, is the time to move forward with their climate change plans by many factors. NWT is about using Solar Power Stations (the Sun generates more energy than we could ever use every day for the world) where we can in (deserts, hot countries etc.) and using technology such as solar, wind and wave power, electric vehicles and other innovations. Did you know that you could 'green' the deserts of the world if you wanted to by building solar power stations (SUN ~ Endless Supply and No Waste) in the deserts and power desalination plants at the coast to supply fresh water wherever you wanted.

The time has come to stop thinking about yourself and think electric cars ~ fancy that, no pollution and we can breathe again, hooray, hooray, for common sense alternatives. How green are you?

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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