Thursday, 6 November 2014

Why the European Policy of Austerity Will Never Work? Wake up the German Dummköpfe.

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At present, the European Economic Community (EEC) is desperately trying to avoid deflation. The EEC should look at Japan, who have had around 20 years of deflation and are currently trying (having failed previously over 20 years) to revive their economy with a target of 2% inflation. To do this, the Japanese are using quantitative easing (printing money) to the tune of trillions to achieve inflation of 2% and hopefully growth. You do not need a degree in economic bullshit to realise that austerity will never work. Jesus in the Bible said it many times using parables – to paraphrase - what do you get when you never throw seed into a field? The answer is nothing. 

The EEC is largely dictated by Germany’s insistence of a policy of austerity for other European countries that has now been shown to be dumm. Wake up the German dummköpfe.  
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