Friday, 1 July 2016

Short Story ~ 'The Zombie Has Cometh' (Part 2)

That morning, global news broadcasts were speculating on the size of the object hitting the earth and why the authorities hadn’t given a warning even though the suspected asteroid had landed in an uninhabited region of the ‘Gobi’ desert. The nearest town or village was reported to be approximately 14o kilometres from the suspected debris area.  The nearest village to the suspected landing was named after a granddaughter of the prophet Mohammed.

The village had only a sparse and somewhat nomadic population according to the C.I.A. file displayed on Frank Santanoli’s computer screen. As Frank stroked his bald head and noted the information on the computer screen his commander was on the phone wanting an update.

“What have you got, Santanoli?” Frank was busy compiling his thoughts before revealing to his senior commander his answer. He was still puzzled at what the data of his computer screen was showing. “I’m not sure, boss…”

“What do you mean?” asked Michael Stubbs the section chief of the C.I.A (Central Intelligence Agency) based at Langley, Virginia over the secure phone line.

“It landed approximately 140 kilometres from a village called Ayisha, but, I think, we have a problem, either with the source data or another Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) has just entered our airspace and landed without clearance and notification,” Frank remarked candidly.

“Well, as soon as you know the better…you better get out there and find out what landed. Remember, this is a need to know mission with level one clearance.” Stubbs was quick to terminate the call, as he had other assholes waiting to speak to him, which was his view of most of his staff that were quick to judge him, but most never had the balls in front of their commander to put their money where their mouth was. It was the same subordinates that were waiting to speak to him on other phone lines as he sat observing the scene from the comfort of his chauffeur driven vehicle. His black limousine was carefully making its way through the rush hour traffic as it made its way to the White House along ‘Patriot’s Avenue’ renamed after the defeat of the enemies of the United States during the years fighting terrorism. Apart from the rain and the noise of the traffic the air conditioned interior provided a comfort Michael Stubbs had got used to. ‘Power corrupts, but without it there is no light,’ he used to say to himself and others when the occasion permitted.

The overnight flight from Langley Air Force Base to Mongolia allowed Frank Santanoli time to consider his options. The local Mongolian operative was at Chinggis Khaan International Airport to greet Frank as he departed the CIA corporate jet.

“Hope you had a pleasant journey, Mr Santanoli?”

Frank already knew everything to know about the local asset. He had already read the file on the local CIA operative at Langley before leaving. “Yes, glad you pulled the right strings with the military here, Armed,” Frank said as they shook hands.

“Have Langley briefed you?”

“No. Only that you requested a helicopter.”

“Good. We are going as they say asteroid hunting.”

“The helicopter is over there, ready and waiting,” Armed remarked as he pointed out the helicopter on the far side of the airport.

“How far is the village called Ayisha from here and also the suspected debris area from the asteroid that came down?” Frank already knew the distance he just wanted to test Armed on his skills of preparedness.

“About an hour to Ayisha, and then another hour perhaps, depending on weather conditions. The helicopter is under military control, so we don’t have a say on that score.”

“You know this village then?”

“Yes, it’s famous for many reasons,” Armed replied.

“No time to waste, let’s get going.”

“Commander, there’s an aircraft approaching.”

Iron Smart could see the aircraft on its defence system. The alien spacecraft’s automated computer system was already locked on and ready to take offensive action if it needed to.

“We are protected with our shield and cloaked invisible to their technology,” Iron Smart said to his second in command Shogi.

“We will see what they do.”

The helicopter flew past the alien spacecraft several times as it circled the area before landing in a clearing beside a sand dune.

“According to my GPS coordinates we are in the exact area where the fallout from the asteroid hit,” Frank remarked to Armed.

As Frank and Armed searched the area they could find no debris from an asteroid, perhaps, the computer data was wrong, Frank was thinking.

“Are we really looking for the remains of an asteroid?” asked Armed.

“I was wondering when you were going ask,” Frank replied.

“No. An UFO crashed here somewhere or it landed. Well, that’s what our computer tracking told us.”

“How do you know it was an UFO?” asked Armed.

“Well, asteroids don’t slow down.”

To be continued...

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