Friday, 23 September 2011

Stonehenge the Enigma

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Today, people will travel to Stonehenge to watch the sunrise over the gigantic stones of Stonehenge. The autumn equinox on the 23rd September marks the day when the day and night are equal length at all points on earth except the poles, after that the nights will get longer and the days shorter. The fascination with Stonehenge started for me when as a young boy my grandmother took me to see the historic site. Back then being able to walk around and touch the stones and sense the magic and appreciate the scale of the stones increased my thirst to understand the reasons why Stonehenge was built. We are still none the wiser. We do not know what culture and why Stonehenge was built? We can make assumptions and that is about it.

Stonehenge is a mystical place of mystery and it is where the solstices are celebrated. The giant stone circle has always fascinated me. I remember as a boy walking through and under the gigantic lintel which bridge two giant trilithon uprights which symbolise the image of megalithic Stonehenge. And thinking: Why was Stonehenge built? Questions such as ‘why are we here’ and ‘who are we,’ these thoughts resounded in my mind at the time and today is much the same.

Authors such as Erich Von Daniken and his book ‘the chariots of the gods’ have all inspired my interest in science fiction and history. As a young boy I was inspired by the words and voice of Carl Sagan who would talk about the cosmos and its wonders. I guess, I have always been a dreamer. A dreamer who thinks too much, but then who doesn’t like to dream. For in those dreams, we can dream the impossible without the burden of logic. A blurred logic is what sometimes creates new science. For me science fiction and the mystery surrounding the possibility of extraterrestrial life and all these other questions are still today, facets of my thinking.

Stonehenge © (pen and ink drawing by Anthony Fox)
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If time travel was possible then going back to see the culture that created Stonehenge and finding out the reasons why would be a trip I would like to make. I would not be surprised if Stonehenge had more meaning to those who built it then we imagine today. The 2012 prophecy, the Mayan calendar and other mysteries from the past symbolise how time has a way of clouding the future and the past.  

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

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