Thursday, 29 September 2011

This is a Story Worth Dying For

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Book Review: Worth Dying For by Lee Child

This is the first book I have read by Lee Child. I came upon it by chance. I was on the way out of the bookshop when I saw this book. So I started to read a few chapters and ended up buying the book. I like the way Lee Child writes. And the storyline is good. I hate the way some writers think they are clever by over use of metaphor and simile. I hate what I call descriptive diarrhea which is what some writers marinate in. Lee Child writes in a way that lets you read fast without losing the plot. You do not have to read a long list of adjectives in his book.

The main character is Jack Reacher who is what I call a superhero, but not in the sense of someone with super human abilities, no, he is an all-round good guy with courage. And he has the skills as an ex-army cop to tackle the bad guys. Whatever comes his way, he will find a way to put things right.

‘Worth Dying For’ is a story about a missing child that disappeared some 25 years before Reacher hears about it. Reacher cannot let go. And why should he. He is the good guy. Someone you want and trust to dig deep and find out what happened to the missing child. You want the bad guys found and dealt with.

The location of the story is in the heart of rural Nebraska, America. It is a flat and dusty landscape of fields where corn and alfalfa are grown. You can drive for miles without seeing a living soul. It can be a harsh environment. And Reacher soon finds out what that means. Reacher finds the locals living under the spell and fear of a local redneck family, the Duncan’s.

The red-faced, pot belly Duncan’s are a family that have contrived and ruled the county using brute force with a small army of cornhuskers and they must find and stop Reacher snooping around. An irritation they must bring down before he finds out the truth.

The Duncan’s are waiting for a mysterious shipment and they want Reacher down and buried before it arrives. But Reacher is smarter and tougher than they can imagine. He never gives up. He keeps going. Every stone is turned. Battered and bruised he never gives up. He just keeps going. Reacher is the all-action hero. Reacher has no time for court room justice only the battlefield where you shoot first and maybe ask questions later if you can be bothered. Jack Reacher, I like.

The book also has a bonus chapter of Lee Child’s latest story due to be published 29th of September 2011. I have started reading another of Lee Child’s books ‘Gone Tomorrow’ which I will review shortly. Jack Reacher is the all-action hero. He never gives up. He keeps going. He is tough and just. He is commando style. I recommend the book.

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