Friday, 14 October 2011

A Writer's Muse: Finding Your Voice

The Bookshop Guru
The other day I randomly picked up a book in the bookshop to read. I do this often. It was a crime thriller. I wasn’t familiar with the author. But then that’s not news. Curious cat, I turned to the back, and read the titbits. It sounded interesting. It felt compelling. So I started to read the first chapter. I was disappointed. Dejected, I continued. The second chapter was the same. I couldn’t find the voice, I gave up almost disillusioned. I didn’t buy the book.

Finding your voice is just as important as the story. Some writers make it easy for you to follow and others not so. Finding your voice is what I call it. Sure, there is the story to concoct. But, as a writer trying to write a novel, finding your voice and keeping the flow and the reader interested is the art. Knowing how to keep the flow and the voice makes it easier to construct a novel. A chapter then becomes a task which is easier to frame. It’s broken down into smaller parts. I am still learning, but I like it.

At the moment, I think I have found my voice. I hope so. Only time will tell. Writing book reviews and musing about writing gives me a chance to be reflective.
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That is why I write this blog. It gives me focus. I need it. Otherwise, I get stale. Reading a lot gives me the chance to sample other authors, not just the ones I like to read. Some books I buy and some I don’t. Some I borrow. A mixture of nonfiction and fiction books is what my consumption dictates.  

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