Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Elusive Excluded Middle My Bipolar Dilemma

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I find comedy a good remedy to help release those endorphins and would always be trying hard to find the excluded middle for I knew that this state of mind offered the safest route to a happier life. Whatever I did it was always in the back of my mind – to try and find the middle ground. This course of action wasn't easy because of the way bipolar affects how you behave, not always allowing you to exist in the middle apart from the extremes of the disorder. I had the tendency to start something new and then allowing that to take over my life. Finding equilibrium where I could do something without it overtaking everything else was a battle, but one which I knew I had to fight. It wasn't until I started to reflect on this, that I could see how this behaviour of extremes was affecting me. I knew that if I could find the excluded middle and stay there as much as possible then my life would be far happier and more productive. Being a manic depressive even I can see the funny side of life. Believe me it helps to laugh even at ourselves.

The more I looked at my actions the more I could recognise I was avoiding the middle ground. I found that having bipolar made me impulsive and unaware that the extremes of behaviour were not allowing me to pursue interests in a normal way. I would sometimes spend months pursuing one particular interest with a complete disregard to any other interests. This was a compulsive behaviour disorder brought about by bipolar. My compulsion was also destructive because after many months of interest in something I would suddenly stop doing it completely without finding some middle ground where I could at least still continue if only on an occasional basis. This state of play was hard to find. I would always start some new interest which would last several weeks or many months before I would stop completely. There was no middle ground for me. As I came to reflect on this behaviour, I realised I needed to find the excluded middle. It wouldn't be easy because in the past all my actions were in this part of the spectrum. But my thoughts were of finding some way of having interests and hobbies which I could pursue without it leading in a compulsive way. Somehow I knew I had to find the middle ground, my excluded middle. 

Learning to curb my excessive actions that would lead to the extreme would give me a sounder basis for a happier life. I would spend many hours thinking about what I could do to change the way I was currently living my life. Even with the appropriate medication and enough exercise and sleep, I still found it hard to find the elusive excluded middle. I constantly strove to find a way to counteract the extremes that were driving my life which would ultimately lead to a deep dark depression or unsustainable high. I would start some new interest only for that to go the same way into a compulsion this is my bipolar dilemma. In my latest book “It’s Never Too Late” I discuss how love, money, and luck have thrown many curve balls at the roller-coaster ride of living with bipolar yet often provide many opportunities previously unseen.


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