Monday, 2 September 2013

The Noes Have It, The Noes Have It

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I do not usually write about politics but these days it’s hard not to. I spent last week one day watching the live UK parliamentary debate on TV about Syria for several hours. I was undecided whether we should get involved into another war. No one wants war. The bozos of England I am not a follower and could write a lot about the economic policies they are pursuing. But the use of chemical weapons we must stop and prevent other countries using them and it’s as simple as that. If we do not stand against such weapons of mass destruction we are opening the door for other despots to kill at will.

The UK government’s premise was weak compared to the opposition. Yet, it’s easy to say no to war after the previous debacle of the Iraq experience for the British public. History has shown that appeasement only serves to strengthen the despot. We should listen to our heart and know what the right decision should be.

The other day John Kerry the US Secretary of State made a powerful speech which clearly made the case for action against Syria. Our politicians need to wake up and back our friends across the pond.

Dead of Night
Cruel acts of night pass by,
Families scatter
Never to unite their blood spilt to mix in muddy pools.
A whistle in the wind,
Terror rules.
Unnatural times, an asylum of some.
Who torture with revenge without guilt.
Then in a passing second another life is lost.
Not counted just a casualty of chaos.
Time to stop this madness.
Before we ask where next.
A boy with a bullet screams out a killer in the dead of night.

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