Tuesday, 29 April 2014

iPhone 4S Apple Heads Do Not Function And Counting Down

The Bookshop Guru

Why is it Apple design the iPhone without basic functions for us consumers? I do not know about you but being able to delete all messages (6439) is a basic function especially when you do not have the time to spend hours deleting each one separately. I know there is jailbreak methods out there and you can also delete all from each sender selectively, but that takes time a lot of time. Being able to highlight and delete has been a basic function since the mouse was invented.

It’s about time Apple spent some of those huge profits fixing these issues because you only need to do a Google search (25,900,000 results) to see how many consumers spend their time looking for a solution. And that result was for only one issue with the iPhone. I just do not think the Apple engineers care or think enough because I have a list of basic user functions that do not exist and I know it’s a problem because the Internet is the proof.

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