Thursday, 24 April 2014

This Government is Insane

The Bookshop Guru

This government is insane and spreads inequality which has become more obtuse as each day passes. The rich get richer and poor get poorer by the very few Etonians and similar ilk that fleece this country for themselves. The rise of food banks is an indictment of government policies that the Cameron's, Osbourne's, and Clegg's of this world have preached while they screw their expenses under the pretext it’s sanctioned and legal. The government snout is the biggest at the trough while they stick two fingers up your jacksy

The church have realised the desperate need of many while our government ignores the poor at the expense of others. We have open borders allowing the poor of Europe to come here at the expense of the working class. The social housing crisis exists yet this government and the previous one have failed the working class making private landlords richer while making affordable housing a dream. BTW if there are any spelling mistakes it’s because I cannot spell and nor can Microsoft.
I just love comedy.

P.S. Sponsored by Madbrokes a comedian on antidepressants.


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