Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Are We a Nation of Gamblers – Bingo-ing Mad Hatters?

The Bookshop Guru

I ask this question because I have noticed that nearly every other advertisement on TV is for a Bingo site or a casino online web site. There must be a new Bingo site every day advertised on TV and countless ads for casino sites. There seem to be springing up at all times throughout the day and night added to that is the number of lotteries that advertise. 

Now I like a flutter on the national lottery each week especially the Euro Millions, but all the advertisements for gambling must encourage children at some point to think gambling is acceptable. The proliferation of high street betting shops we already know has had a damaging effect on local communities. I like to watch sports especially football, but nearly every advertisement is about gambling and we all know children follow football just as much as their parents. At what point do children who see all these advertisements for betting begin to think gambling is okay. 

We have become a nation of gamblers, the Monday night bingo-ing mad hatters, the Tuesday night have a go lottery spenders, the Wednesday night poker potters, the Thursday speculators, the Friday night dreamers, the Saturday accumulators, and the Sunday where is it gone shakers. 

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