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Bipolar and Me: The Bedroom Tale

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This is a short version of a story from my latest book “It’s Never Too Late” hope you like it.

They say that there are two schools of thought; that bipolar is a product of your environment, and or a defective gene, a chemical imbalance. As my dad and my grandfather suffered with manic depression, and it’s also more than likely I have inherited the condition, which as you read my story you will see what hell this has caused me.

Let me begin by telling you a tale to this day I still don’t know if it was real or just a dream. Some things don’t seem real; remember 9/11 and the twin towers crashing down to dust, it was real enough, a terrible tragedy, yet every time you see the film coverage you can’t believe your eyes.

According to my shrink I suffer from hallucinations which appear real as any event. In a dream you wake up, realise it was just a dream. Hallucinations are weird; it’s as real as it gets, bread and butter reality. It appears I have had many; some you can explain some you cannot, yet both seem real. I will let you decide on this one.

Remember, one thing though I hadn't been smoking any wacky backy or drinking alcohol just my daily dose of prescribed medication. 

It was classic moonlight night; I had gone to bed and forgotten I had not locked the front door to my apartment, which was typical. Often the front door was unlocked. Besides, I lived on the top floor of an apartment block and you needed a key to open the main entrance to the building.

Thinking: If someone’s going to get in they'll get in. Besides, the bed was too comfortable and I was too lazy to get out and lock the door. Lazy bastard, I hear you say, and you are right, give the guy or gal a medal. Normally, the neighbours are moderately quiet but suddenly all let loose, doors were banging and shutting, my apartment was shaking it felt like an earthquake. I couldn't hear anyone shouting; just the continuing loud banging sound of doors opening and closing, combined with the steps of someone moving beneath or across from my apartment.

Its human nature to listen into a conversation, to be inquisitive, but all I could hear was the loud banging, and the thud of foot steps.

Suddenly, my front door flung open. Boy, oh, boy, did it give me a shock as I heard the door crash against my bedroom wall. Quickly, I sat up ready to leap from my bed, when I saw a naked blond streak pass my bedroom door. Wow! She was mid-thirties I figured; curvaceous, with long blond hair flowing down to generous hips, and I wasn’t frightened, just perfectly aroused. I could see her walk straight into my lounge from my bed as she waved her arms and screamed.
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Without hesitation I called out and said, “It's’s alright,” but I should have said, “Stay awhile...........Stay awhile,” as she immediately turned around and walked straight past my bedroom out the front door.

The shrinks would say this was a hallucination, but to me it was as real as it gets, bread and butter reality.

Wishing only the blond stayed the night; I could have done with the indulgence of a woman.

Possibly, a neighbour sleep walking I mused, anyhow sometime later I asked the blond in the opposite apartment. Hey, she fitted the description, but she politely said no.

To this day I don’t know what happened but it was certainly real enough for me. Dream or hallucination you tell me?

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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