Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Are We In the End Days of Time?

The reason I ask is this, at this moment several viruses are raging across the planet, is this coincidence or is this what the revelation of John describes in the Bible? The World Health Organisation and others have conducted simulation models on the spread of these viruses and some of the results are of biblical proportions. The plain truth is these computer models project millions dying from an Ebola pandemic. 

Our governments are extremely concerned, and you can already see the beginning of an impending stock market collapse. The smart money, and you can call it smart, has already started selling, without, panicking the market. The enterovirus D-68, Ebola, Marburg, and Chikungunya viruses are raging across many parts of the world and so far these viruses show no signs of stopping. The Marburg and Ebola viruses are the most deadly because they kill more people than the others do. But, the combined effect of four deadly viruses on humanity could be a biblical apocalypse prophesied in the Bible.  It’s too late, when everyone is heading for the exit at the same time. 

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A recent scientific study found that the subtype of Ebola currently affecting the world could be airborne through water droplets in the air spread by an infected person’s breath.  This could be the reason why the authorities are baffled that so many health care workers dealing with Ebola patients have died, even with, all the protective protocols and hazmat suits in place.

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