Monday, 20 October 2014

Which Came First, Intelligence or Language?

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Which came first, intelligence or language is the million dollar question and answer? The first hominid to walk upright plays a part in intelligence, and, or, language abilities, otherwise, other animals would have evolved intelligence, and we can define intelligence as the making of tools a precognitive choice of thinking ahead. You would then assume that language just developed from simple body language signs to vocal sounds eventually forming words that everyone in their community understood.

The spark of intelligence came when our ancestor went from just another hominid walking around 1.2 million years ago, to a human being the first time they started making tools. The process of thinking ahead was the dawn of man. But, why us, we are just another animal in the natural world? Essentially, nature took a divergent path never before seen in Darwin’s theory of evolution. So, why should this be, we are just an animal that we have decided to use the almighty word of “human” to describe our species?

Natural selection is based on selective and adaptive gene inheritance over time, a lot of time. Intelligence is alien to Darwin’s theory of evolution because intelligence exists outside the domain of nature (Natural Selection). Forget, about finding the missing links; concentrate on the logic of my argument. In simple terms, 1.2 million years ago our species started making a tool, now, that requires precognitive planning, and that is intelligence. But, this contradicts Darwin’s theory of evolution because it’s totally divergent for intelligence to emerge through natural selection; otherwise, it would occur randomly distributed throughout the animal kingdom. Time is linear and intelligence is spatial. That is probably why at the quantum level of physics an electron can be measured as being in two places at the same time seemingly alien to the general laws of physics.

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