Saturday, 27 February 2016

You, Me and Bipolar

It’s been about 10 years since I was first diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and before that from about the age of 16 years old I have suffered from depression. In fact, I believe my many visits to doctors from the age of 16 years old I never got the correct diagnosis; it was always ‘you have depression’ and I was given some medication (antidepressants without mood stabilizers, which was completely wrong)  and that was about it.

Yes, you could say things have changed since then, but have they? Most doctors that I have seen over the years have very little experience or empathy for people suffering with depression or Bipolar disorder; in my opinion. In fact, I wonder how doctors are trained these days because some seem to lack common sense when it comes to being able to assess a patient’s needs. A few years ago, my grandmother was in a residential home for the elderly supposedly being looked after by the care staff, yet, it took three different doctors and three months to diagnose my grandmother had a fractured femur and in that time the doctors and care staff could not recognise why my grandmother would grimace when she was made to move (obvious sign she was in pain) from her chair and before this fracture she was a woman who was very actively walking around the residential home. Now, do you see what I mean, either the doctors don’t care for patients who are elderly or they just lack common sense; in my opinion they (doctors, care staff) lack common sense because someone who is normally active and then becomes reluctant to move and shows signs of in pain when they try to move them should have been enough for any sensible person to figure out. And, all this happened in North Devon, England and the culprits (doctors) were from (Northam Surgery, Bay View Road, Northam, Bideford, North Devon EX39 1AZ, UK). So, do you see what I mean?
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In fact, most people have a simple view about depression they equate it with their experience of day to day living when sometimes they may feel depressed about something, but manic depression now called Bipolar disorder is a completely different ‘kettle of fish’ that has nothing to do with normal depression which most normal people will have from time to time.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Bipolar disorder some believe that it is a product of environmental (childhood abuse or similar stresses occurring through the patient’s life) factors or some form of genetic factors (chemical imbalance in the brain) playing a part. In my opinion it’s most likely to be a combination of the two factors of inherited genes (or chemical imbalance) and the patient’s childhood stresses.

In my case, I have suffered from both because in my childhood I experienced a lot of grief and I most likely inherited (from my grandfather who hung himself) and my dad who suffered from severe black depression the defective genes or chemical imbalance in the brain. I chose to write this article to highlight some of the issues regarding Bipolar disorder and how it affects me and possibly you.

My second bookIt’s Never Too Late’ is not just about how I have coped over the years with Bipolar disorder; it’s written using a series of true stories that I have experienced from childhood to the present day to help explain and help other people understand Bipolar and perhaps help them cope with this debilitating disease. I sincerely hope the book helps; because you, me and bipolar need all the help we can get.

You will find other articles and stories that I have written concerning how Bipolar has affected me on this website and on my other website  ‘Never Late But Sorry,’ please search them out and read them and perhaps they will help you; I sincerely hope so.

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