Friday, 15 July 2011

The Art of Writing a Short Story

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I've tried many times and have given up just as much. I have read many articles on how to write short stories, and I have read many short stories trying to get a handle on what to do. Sounds pretty hopeless, doesn’t? I even read Hemingway’s “the art of the short story” which like he says, tell it how it is. “The woman was a bitch; well she gave everyone the pox” he says. If there is a formula, please let me know.

But the challenge could be profitable, so I have set myself a goal. To finish writing a short story by the 25th of this month. I need an extra couple of weeks for editing, or I should say my friend does, who edited my first two books. It’s a worthwhile challenge, I think first prize is worth several thousand and I could do with the money. Whatever happens, it’s all good fun.

Like I said over last few months I have tried many times writing out new stories, but not been happy with the results. So I have begun with this one differently. I like to try new ideas if they fit, great! But, I still find the computer puts up a barrier, so I sketch the ideas with a few sentences in a note book without lines. I even find ruled notebooks a barrier; don’t ask me why, I just do. I prefer the blankness of clear white paper.

Gradually relaxing I get into my comfort zone and when it feels right… I begin. At first it seems like a miss-mash of narrative, but that’s good, nothing ordered, it might work this time. The characters will be born from the chaos I have created.

The goal…the rejection it’s all part of the process. A mix-up of words and paragraphs, an experiment, I guess.

My next task, in no particular order is to ask, who’s telling the story? And how shall I tell it. And what is the story? These ramblings are how I have tackled the art of the short story. Only my peers and I will know if I have realized my goal.

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