Friday, 12 August 2011

“…back to the 1980s…” Short Story Update

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I finished and submitted my entry. What a task, as you remember from previous articles posted here, that writing a short story is no easy task. But one, that has been a challenge and a goal over the past months for me. Not for lack of trying I have explained how I have written several short stories and not been happy.

Anyway, the task is complete and only a few hours before the deadline for the competition, which ends today at UK time.

The process of writing of writing a short story is arduous, to say the least. But, I am happy with the result. A readable story in 3000 words or less is the criteria. It has taken several stages from creation and idea to writing dialogue. Framing a story and reading how to write a short story have been all part of the mix.

I reflected back to the 1980s for the era and the mood of the story. I created characters and set the scene and let events tell the story. I used an approach made famous by Hemingway called the ‘iceberg theory’ which characterizes many of his books.

Relieved, I can now get back to writing my next book. Writing a short story takes a lot of time, from research to writing dialogue, it’s no easy task. And then the editing, the same for writing a book you need to use the same professional approach applied to the task of writing a short story. I wanted to improve my writing skills and at the same time test and challenge myself. A job well done!

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