Thursday, 18 August 2011

English as “Apple crumble and cream, and a celebratory glass of port.” Hooray! Hooray!

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A book review of  'Before the Daisies Grow’   formerly Escapades of Glamour Grannies by Micki Street

There are a lot of characters to get your teeth into in this book. The leading characters are English as “Apple crumble and cream, and a celebratory glass of port.” Hooray! Hooray! The ladies get more than they've bargained for. The comedy is driven by the antics the ladies get up to or want.

This is a kind of novel to read while winding down on the holiday on the beach. Get ready to laugh because some of the things the ladies get up to will make your hair curl. 

Wilma, Dotty, and Nora are the leading characters which you could identify with as they make their way to a mysterious island where the trap has been set to capture some rather unsavoury drug smugglers who seem hell bent of doing the most stupid things, but then again it is a comedy. So, it’s easy to read and enjoy the intrigue that surrounds their adventure. Although the ladies are set for a sunny adventure it turns out that they are being watched over by an undercover police force, just as well because the jails are not a welcome the ladies envisage. 

Glamour grans on holiday is more like what the hell are these ladies thinking about. Some of the language is tongue and cheek, “I’m going for a quick bikini wax." “'Wilma, I'm really worried about her and the ridiculous things she's doing lately. I wonder if she's had a stroke." 

But then again what do you expect from a comedy. It’s not easy to write a comedy, but I think the author has done a real job on creating the scenarios and characters where you can laugh and at the same time feel for the characters. The bad guys, the undercover police and the maids are well developed characters that all add to the scene and mix well with the ladies efforts to enjoy themselves, yet unbeknown to them the police and the bad guys are all using the ladies for their own ends. 

At one time I did think and worry about what these ladies got into, but then that’s fiction you go where the story takes you. The book is overall a good read and something to laugh about while you watch the tide come in on the beach. But, I hate to think what my granny was up to if they were anything like these funny characters. A good read to have on your Kindle.

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