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The Tale of the Butterfly and the Bee

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It was a beautiful day you could not help but feel good about life. I sat upon a hill overlooking the Sussex downs. Able to appreciate the beauty of nature, the summer sun, and a gentle cool breeze, I relaxed and lay there thinking: I had been lucky to have made it this far in life.

As I made my way back to the car along a trail, I decided I would explore the nearby village. Walking down into the village, I saw an iron gate leading to a church, where much was overgrown with bramble along its path.

I could see a majestic old yew tree amongst the gravestones; it was massive, with many branches being supported by sturdy wood props. I would find out later, that the yew tree was over 1600 years old and still going strong.

The old yew was welcome shade from the summer sun as I gazed at the entrance to the church. The church was small and quaint, built from stone that had weathered countless storms, I thought. Apparently, some parts of the church were found to date back to the 12th century, I found out later.

Peering at the entrance to the church, I saw a darkened oak Norman shaped door that had a beauty of its own; the door had an age to the wood, you wondered what tales it could tell. Approaching the door that was beneath an open porch, I tried repeatedly to open it. Just as I was about to give up, the door opened if by magic, like a command open sesame.

Thinking: Someone had opened the door from the inside. I was shocked to see no one as I entered and saw the church was empty only one living soul, and that was me.

Strangely, I felt like someone wanted me to come in. Looking around the church, I was not spooked by the experience, but it did open my spiritual mind. It was then that I saw the butterfly and the bee. A beautiful stained glass window with the words of Jesus written upon it from the gospel of Thomas, Raise the stone, and thou will find me; cleave the wood, and there I am.

Many times, I have been back to the church that caught my imagination and gave me a feeling everything would be alright. Somehow, it was mystical and spiritual at the same time. Several months later, even in my darkest moments, I had the inspiration to paint a picture of the butterfly and bee stained glass window. And did I pray? Yes, I did.
The Butterfly and the Bee by Anthony Fox
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