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The First Rule of Selling

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The First Rule of Selling

Forget the Price

Forget the price. Yes, that’s right. Forget the price. It doesn’t matter; leave that decision to the customer and the market.

I believe when you pay for something you appreciate it more, so why give it away for free? Unless of course you are being mugged, or when there is a very good reason for giving it away for free such as marketing to the media and the press.

In a previous life I can remember winning prizes for having the highest average sales per order as a salesman in a year. Do you want to know how I achieved that? Do you want the short or long version? They say size doesn’t matter, but try telling that to your partner.

Anyhow, here goes the short version because I like things as simple as possible. I had only been with the company for just over a year when I achieved the highest average sales per order as a salesman. I was surprised because I hadn't set out to achieve this, but the prizes were very welcome at the time. Now, the company had many thousands of employees both on the factory floor and out there flogging the stuff. I was one of many hundreds flogging the stuff. I had previously worked for various national companies selling a whole range of different products and each company had their induction sales training which for some companies was good, others not so.

The philosophy of this national company in terms of selling their product was twofold. First sell the customer the cheap low cost product and work upwards from there. The company considered it was easier to sell their cheap product range first.

You see, the company produced both a low cost economy range, and a more expensive luxury range. So, their salespersons were trained this way. But, I decided I would always start at the top of the price range and work backwards if I had to. And I can count the number of times on my fingers I had to do that, it was very few in a year. The reason I did this was for many reasons. I considered I was selling a better product to the customer even though it cost more to them. And of course I wanted to make more money. I can honestly say most of the time I never mentioned to the customer that the company did an economy range; I felt the customer may be embarrassed if I did. Besides, the customers were happy and I knew they were buying a better product and one which they could afford.

Anthony Fox © Life Skills Cartoon 2012

So, you see price never comes into the equation. It’s a misnomer. 

I remember someone once said, “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.”

Hey, don’t bin this, recycle it.

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