Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Second Rule of Selling

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The Second Rule of Selling

Forget the Competition

Forget the competition. That’s right. Forget the competition it doesn’t matter, selling is just a numbers game.

There’s always competition. According to Amazon they have something like 5 million books available to choose from. So how do you get your book to sell? The simple answer is self-promotion. You can’t visit every prospective lead, but you can publicise your spiel and close.

Think about it, unless you tell as many people as possible about your book how the hell can they buy it? And I don’t mean spam. You have to understand your market and who are the likely leads. When you know that you focus on that.

Give me an Olympic gold for effort because the world is full of great ideas, but without action they are just ideas.

Ask any successful salesperson and they will tell you it’s just a numbers game. In fact, it’s all about how often you can keep your mouth shut and for how long. The first person to speak loses.

I was always good at that. Keeping my mouth shut. Sometimes the silence after a close was like being in a crowded elevator when you know someone’s shit themselves. You can’t stand it and you don’t want to breathe.

Hey, don’t bin this, recycle it. Selling is just a numbers game.

PS. I have to get back to work, I can smell the coffee.
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