Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Learning to Live with Bipolar

The Bookshop Guru

I know many of you reading this will be at the beginning of the journey. And it is a journey of discovery. I felt very angry at the beginning when I was first diagnosed. On reflection I think this was due to the enormous let down and disappointment of losing my career as a software engineer. But after self-recovery and medical help I began to think positive about my predicament. I started to look at other options that I could manage knowing that I couldn’t face anything that was too stressful.

It was not a straight road, but with many turns. Luckily, I began to find strategies that worked for me such as daily walks which would get me off the couch. And even though you can’t avoid the ups and downs of this disorder I would use this and other strategies to hopefully mitigate the worst effects of bipolar. The last few months are an example of this where I haven’t been able to pick up a book and read, and I love reading. So I decided I would walk down to the shop every day and buy a newspaper and read it, and that’s what I did for several weeks hoping this activity would help me get back to reading books again. And sure enough after a few weeks I started reading books again. And at the same time I have started to write again after 3-4 months of not doing anything.

I am a big believer in the power of self-belief and how you can train your mind into a positive outlook. And the first book I picked to read and I have a pile of 20 new and second-hand  books to choose from which I have bought over the last few months but haven’t read was “ The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J Schwartz. The copy I have was first published in 1960, and is one of the books I found in my grandfather’s bookcase after he died and I decided to keep. I have read the book before many years ago and for some reason I decided to read it again.

The mantra of the book is the power of self-belief and how with the right attitude you will find success. I have always believed in this life you have to go about with whatever you do with the right attitude. And when you do go about with the right attitude then good things will happen to you.

The positive statements in this book reaffirmed my belief that learning to live with bipolar is as much about what positive steps you take to help yourself.

It’s time for a walk.

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