Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Pencil Scribbler

The Bookshop Guru

I drew this cartoon the other day while having a refreshing drink outside a pub in Brighton. The place was crowded and a few souls stood and watched as I created this cartoon.

At the moment Brighton is in a bout of renaissance with the annual May- June arts fair. This includes music, art, literature and other performing arts throughout the months of May and June each year.

Anthony Fox © The Brighton “Pencil” Scribbler Cartoon 2012

Anyhow, I hope you like the cartoon. It’s just a memento of my visit to the pub and the time I sat just enjoying the crowds passing by while the music played on the street of buskers. Free music and a drink it cannot be serious. Yes, I am.

I noticed one group of young lads having fun busking and from what I could see they were raking it in. It just goes to show that with the right attitude you can accomplish much, but without it, you are not going anywhere.

Anyhow, it’s just an experiment.

Tomorrow, I will give you the answer. It’s a mystery thriller.

P.S. Sponsored by Madbrokes a comedian on antidepressants.


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Hey, Chuck. Did you bring any spending money? Viva la vida loca.

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