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Tales of the Unexpected - A Story About Rejection

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This is a true story, which happened to me several years ago now. In a way it’s a bit like one of those stories you would expect under “the tales of the unexpected” the TV series. But, with one thing missing, it’s not a creepy or a frightening story. Anyhow, it was one of those days when I would hop into my car with a couple of my paintings and drive to search out some art galleries. This was something I did quite frequently back then. I would wander off into the unknown and see what happened. It was mid-summer, the height of the holiday season as I parked up and took a stroll into the seaside town looking for art galleries. I felt sure I was in the right place. The watercolours I had tucked under my arm were a couple of seascapes, which would sell well in this seaside town, I thought. The watercolours were quite modern, but tighter than I usually paint especially these days.

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I took a deep breath and entered the art gallery right on the seafront.  My first impression was of an art gallery with very little white space. Floor to ceiling the walls were plastered with art of all shapes and sizes.

I walked over and introduced myself to the owner of the gallery. I began by explaining why I was there. Then I propped my two watercolours below her desk so she could take a look. The lady began by saying she thought my paintings were too modern. I listened to what she had to say about my work. But, just then a customer came into the gallery and walked around as the gallery owner continued talking about my work. The gallery owner said, “I don't think your work would sell well in here, it’s too modern.” I tried to persuade her otherwise, but then the customer who had just come in came over to where I was standing and stood looking at my paintings. Whereupon she asked me how much would these paintings of mine cost? I explained how much for the pair and she agreed to buy them there and then. I even had to ask the gallery owner who was listening to this conversation if I could borrow a pen as the customer was writing me a cheque.

The strangest part was after the customer had gone the gallery owner still wouldn't consider selling my artwork in her gallery even after she had to eat her words. I don't know if she was still embarrassed or what, but when I breathed fresh air the buzz was fantastic. I guess sometimes it’s difficult to convince some people even when they have had to eat their own words.

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Anyway, good luck with your studies.

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