Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Learn To Conquer Your Fears

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This is a true story. It was several years ago now. When I wanted to test myself and face one of my fears. Over the years I have tested myself many times and learnt how to conquer my fears. This is just one story out of many I could tell.

Amazed at how my confidence had improved since I got myself off that couch and started Yoga, I began to look for other challenges. I was reading a local newspaper article one day about a film director who was planning to shoot some of his film in the locality. The article explained that the director would be requiring extras and doubles for some of the scenes. I decided to write to the director explaining that I had done some amateur dramatics and that I would like to audition if that was possible.

My confidence had grown but I wasn’t arrogant about my chances of obtaining an audition. 

Sure enough, I got a reply explaining the date, time and location of the auditions. This was great, I thought, but the auditions also coincided with a yoga festival that I wanted to attend the same day. So I phoned and explained my situation with the director’s secretary and I asked if I could go first as apparently there would be around 300 people attending auditions that day. Sure enough, that’s what happened; I was one of the first to get in front of those rolling cameras, just as well because the queue seemed at least a mile long.

Anyway, I had practiced reciting some Shakespeare for days, just in case they asked me to recite something to test my voice. I wasn’t sure what the procedure would be, I had never been to a real audition before, and I was in another world as far as professional acting goes. 

The first thing the director did was tell me briefly what the film was about and handed me a script and told me my part. From memory, I think the film was called ‘My Darling Tom,’ so there I was, trying to act the part of a terrorist from a few lines while the cameras rolled. Talk about being nervous. I was terrified and I failed, but in many ways I enjoyed the experience and my recital of Shakespeare ‘to be or not to be’ was definitely not to be, I missed so many keywords I went from wordperfect to don’t bother.

The key to achieving self-confidence is therefore a recognition that all the activities we attempt might not turn out to be successful, and that we should not dwell on negative results. Success comes to those that keep trying, and self-confidence maintains our enjoyment until we reach our goals. Although my recital of Shakespeare was a failure, I didn’t let it get me down. I wasn’t expecting to become the next Sir Laurence Olivier.

Self-belief allows us to cope in any situation with the ability to manage failure as part of the road to a successful outcome. An athlete may compete in many events and only win a few. It’s part of the journey.

At the end when I analysed myself I said, ‘I was glad that I had challenged myself and that I’d also enjoyed the experience of the audition.’ For getting up there and having a go I gave myself ten out ten and then went on to enjoy the rest of the day at the yoga festival.

So don’t fear failure, just challenge yourself and don’t worry about what other people may think, and don’t be too critical of your performance. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying, and keep building that confidence.

Are you listening,  what are you dreaming?

As Jesus said, “belief is everything.”

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